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Hello fellows!

This is my first post in December and I hope to post more this month,guess what? I just posted once in November and that’s pretty embarrassing! Basically I am going through pretty busy schedule as I am having my exams at this time but guess who is breaking the law and posting in between exams? yes that’s me, and your prayers are needed!

Anyways, guys! I am going to tell you guys about my shopping experience with Pakistan’s Premium Beauty E-Commerce store!


I wanted to shop makeup stuff a while back and then black Friday sale came, I know no one can stay back from shopping when there are sales on every second store! so coming to the point, I ordered some stuff from , I made a lot of search about which website is giving best sales and then I came up with this one,although they had lesser products as compared to other sites I picked some products, I made an order of lesser products because first of all I wanted to stay in my budget and secondly i haven’t ordered Make-up online,so this was the first experience!


I ordered the stuff of on 25 November,2016 and got my stuff on 2nd December,2016. My little box was goodly packed and the products were wrapped in bubble sheet ( aka stress relieving sheet for me! ) they are providing rewards program too!

They are having many drug store brands and some high-end brands too so girls residing in Pakistan should check them out! If you are wondering what were my purchases, scroll  down!



1. Essence Eyeliner

I like how black it is with a tiny brush but their claim to be waterproof is not right it is not water proof at all.

2. Makeup Revolution blusher

I am continuously using it since the day I bought it. This is in the shade LOVE and I absolutely love it it just sinks in you skin leaving a beautiful color!

3. Makeup revolution Lipstick

This is in shade DIVINE it is a beautiful bubblegum-y color but I am not much impressed by it because you have to swatch it more than 2 times to get the color and the other thing is that it is a bit too drying which I do not like. oh yeah it smells so divine, like its name.

3. Makeup Revolution Concealer

This concealer is a lie savor, so handy on pocket and so easy to use I am in a shade light medium, it perfectly conceals my dark circles and good for highlighting as well. love it!


Rating for beauty bar : 4.9/5


Shop from their website :

Stay tuned to #rambingsofalazygirl

Till next time,BYE!

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