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Hi Dolls, I hope you all are doing good in your lives! So today, I thought to give a little something back to one lucky follower, you guys have shown us so much love from day one. I wish I could give something to all of you, but that's kinda impossible, here we go with… Continue reading Giveaway | Dodo Lashes



Hey Everyone! Long time no see? 2017 is coming  to end a bit too fast as its August already, and I realized that I didn't write much this year, well lets start with this post! Here I am sharing my favourite body washes that I mostly use, none of them are high-end and you can… Continue reading MY FAVORITE BODY WASHES



Hi lovelies! Today I am here to review a miracle oil, all natural and organic, if you guys are going through acne, eczema or other skin related issues, this post is for you, scroll to know more about this product!   ABOUT PRODUCT: In their own words, Lōa represents land, ocean, and air. We chose… Continue reading REVIEW: LOA MIRACLE OIL



Hi sweets! So I was contacted by  later this evening. They asked me to review their food and I couldn't say NO! Because once a foodie, always a foodie. · Coming to the review, I was served two their signature dishes, 'The Stuffed Potatoes' & their 'Signature Creamy Cheese Spinach Pasta. The Food was hot at… Continue reading FOOD REVIEW SPUDS ISLAMABAD



Hello beauties and all the lovely readers! I hope you guys are doing good in your life, so I decided to write more and procrastinate less in my last post, and I literally failed we are halfway through june and this is my first post in june, what a shame for me, lol. Well guess… Continue reading MASARRAT MISBAH MAKEUP SERIES! 1/4



Hi Everyone! I am not sure if you guys missed me or not, I do miss writing and reading other blogs but guys I am way too much busy for some months and i will be back to blogging in May, hopefully! Anyways this review is on the beautiful Hijabs sent to me few weeks… Continue reading REVIEW: HIJABS FROM THE PINK HIJAB SHOP


Review : Products from Olivia

Hey friends! I guess this is my first review of the year 2017, seems like I am getting lazier day by day. Well I hope you all are having good days of your life. I received a box full of goodies from Olivia Pakistan and me and my Instagram fam were swooning over them and… Continue reading Review : Products from Olivia



**************CLOSED************* Hey Girls! If you are connected with me on instagram you'd know that we have reached 1k there! and it is very obvious to announce a giveaway, I had conducted two giveaway's before on instagram and facebook respectively but from now on I will be announcing giveaways here on the blog! So basically this … Continue reading GIVEAWAY- ALL ABOUT ESSENCE!


Shopping Experience with

Hello fellows! This is my first post in December and I hope to post more this month,guess what? I just posted once in November and that's pretty embarrassing! Basically I am going through pretty busy schedule as I am having my exams at this time but guess who is breaking the law and posting in… Continue reading Shopping Experience with


The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello Everyone! I am a bit too busy these days and I literally feel sorry for my blog because I am not giving time to it at all! I don't know if you guys miss my posts or not but I do miss writing blog posts. So today we come with The Versatile Blogger Award!… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award!