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Peach smoothie

Summer is yet here sunny and warm and the produce aisle is still shocked with summer time fruit. So,I am here gonna share a delicious peach smoothie (YUM YUM YUM) with you guys and I personally LOVE this. and here we go, INGREDIENTS : Peaches 1,2 (in pieces) 7up or lime soda (1 1/2 cups)… Continue reading Peach smoothie

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Review on Glamshop. pk

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are having a great weekend. This is my very first review, and its on WHAT IS GLAMSHOP.PK? Glamshop. pk is a hub for girls (read: scarf/hijab hub).They provide you with the best quality scarfs as far as I have seen you can easily wear them casually or formally.… Continue reading Review on Glamshop. pk


Upcoming Review ;)

Hello lovelies!! Who wants a review on a HIJAB HUB.(no no i am not gonna reveal the name yet) just tell me in the comments below. Bye till next time. xoxo http://


First Post :)

Hello folks! This is my very first post in RAMBLINGS OF A LAZY GIRL!! I am here gonna tell you about random stuff like DIY, My PHOTOGRAPHY skills, My reviews on ONLINE SHOPPING, etc etc and I promise much more is about to come 🙂 this is just a start p.s "just another lazy girl… Continue reading First Post 🙂