Review: Superdrug Face Masks

Hi everyone! hope you are doing good.

I am going to review two of the face masks from Superdrug. scroll down for more.


My face turn into an 🍎 whenever I go out in sun without SPF.
This started happening after I was sunburnt.
I used this mask by @superdrug this is a de-stressing mask, I wished it helped me with my mental stress but NO!
Anyways It helped me in soothing the redness and burning sensation.
You can totally feel its cooling effect. The other thing i liked about this mask is tha tit can be used for 2-3 times.
Totally recommend if you’re going through same situation as mine.πŸ˜‰

Its a 5/5 by my side!



It is orange-y but ting-y (am I rhyming?) well, I didn’t like it much firstly, it dries way too quickly, and if I try to apply it again, it removes the first layer other than that it is a bit ting-y, which might not be suitable for those with sensitive skin, my apple of cheeks are sensitive which turns relatively red after removing it, but it has some fine granules, they get dissolve in he skin, which helps in the exfoliating the skin. this is the only reason I liked this mask. Good for when you need a little scrubbing session.

Its a 3/5 by my side for this mask.

Happy masking!

Until next time – much LOVE

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