I always liked big bags with which fits all my course books, no matter if I had classes on timetable or not, but now that I am done with my freshman year in university, it taught me that Girl you need a bag which fits only necessary items. Small bags are easy to be cleaned, and I was always lazy to clean my huge school bags.

Since I am getting all those back to school feels (I know I would be dying once I go there) and since so many of you (or someone you know would be going to university for the first time) I thought to help you all with preparing your university bag!


1. You need a Bag

First thing first, you need a bag, DUH! I personally prefer backbags over totes and shoulder bags, everyone hated my shoulder bag and a tote because one was awkwardly horizontal and one way too vertical, so go for back bags that fits everything and your hands are free to do other chores.


Stuff you need in a bag…

• Notebook / Register

We don’t usually have loads and loads of books, having a portioned register is enough to write down lectures. I prefer portioned registers over notebooks because they makes it easy to write down every subjects separately.


• Stationary Pouch

Gather all your fancy pens, pencils, sticky notes and everything you like in this pouch, Gotta make them lectures all colorful!


• Wallet

Always have a clutch or wallet for having cash and your cards in one place, we don’t like to create a mess in our bag with money/ receipts and cards dispersed all over. Also have you USBs in there too. ALL SAFE!


• Water bottle

My essential, you gotta stay hydrated, don’t be the one who’s always in need of water but doesn’t have his own bottle, NO!



Get your self some good-looking, polarized shades, they are needed sometimes to protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays and most importantly to hide your dark circles. (I have got raccoon eyes so bought myself big rounded shades)


• A small pouch

I have this small pastel pouch filled with all the necessary stuff I may need anytime. You can have it for keeping all the mists and lip balms, some makeup if you like to refresh in uni and most importantly have hand sanitizer, wipes and tissues and a piece of cloth incase you need to clean your shades. You will be always in need of these things. Other than that have your sunscreen in here too, cause you need to apply it atleast twice in a day.


2. Have a separate cross body back

Other than the back-bag, having a cross body bag will make your life way easier. If you don’t like to have your phone in your hand and you have a clumsy soul to drop it everywhere, simply put it in your cross body bag. Have some cash in it to use on the go and most importantly you don’t need to open up your back-bag/totes/shoulder bags for your university card. These things go in your cross body bag.


TaDa if you have everything in place you are good to go to university or college!

I hope you liked this back to school or whats in my university bag kinda post.

Until next time

Bye ♥


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