Hello My Pretties,

So I tried this mask the other day, you may have seen the poll on my Insta stories.

Most of you voted in the favor on the other one, but I tried this one whatsoever, LOL coming to the point its a sheet mask, basically for dry & any skin type. This was my first ever encounter with a sheet mask and I am pretty impressed.

So the TEXTURE was watery , but I loved it. The Fit of the mask was really upto the mark! ❤
It contains Hyaluronic Acid and as per my research it is beneficial for keeping collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits to the skin.

My SKIN TYPE is COMBINATION (oily T-Zone and dry U) and in this weather it is extremely DRY, flaky/scaly and what not! this mask is well known for its hydration properties, it keeps your skin moisturized, but not for a very long time (talking from extremely dry skin perspective) 😕

It consists of a thin layer of mask, hence doesn’t feel heavy after application, other tan that, it sticks on pretty good, no worriesof dropping it here and there!
The serum doesn’t completely dries off in the skin, you have to pat with your fingers, this way skin looks brighter and fresh.

One more thing , my skin got sun burnt😠 don’t go out without sunscreens, don’t even think about it, and this is the reason no. 2 why my skin got flaky, this mask provided me relief from irritation and burning sensation, and this is why i liked it, would be trying out more of the sheet masks in future

Comment down your fav #kbeauty product ❤

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