FOOD REVIEW | Peppers Islamabad

Hola Mi Lovettes!

A very happy new year to y’all

I am not a new year, new me and my new resolutions kind of a person, but i am so determined to write more this year on this blog and i must say that first day of 2018 is indeed very good for ramblingsofalazygirl.

I was contacted recently by manager of Peppers, it is a pizzeria and burgers delivery and takeaway place in F-8 Islamabad. They were kind enough to send me their Fajita pizza and a scrumptious Peppers Special beef burger with Yellow Cheddar and mozzarella!



In their own words,

We use a traditional Italian recipe to make gorgeous, tasteful pizzas with a golden crust which is delightfully crispy on the outside and splendidly chewy on the inside always made with the freshest and tastiest of ingredients.

Coming to the food, I have only one word, it was beyond AMAZING!

This was the first time I had a pizza with jalapenos and I loved it, the crust was thin but chewy as I normally like to have. It was so tempting for my taste buds as it was juicy and full of different flavors. It wasn’t full with cheese or with the meat but as I said it was full of flavors including jalapenos, mushrooms and olives. The most important thing is the food was served hot!


Coming to the Burger, it was the most mouthwatering burger I have ever had, it was one monstrous kind of burger which you can have once in a week to give yourself a new taste, and I am sure once you have it, you wouldn’t want to have anything additional, it was this full, juicy and loaded with sausages and was humongous, most importantly the beef patty was so tender and seasoned well for my taste.



I must say that I threw the manners by the wayside and licked my plate clean!

If you want to try these extremely appetizing cuisines, Contact peppers on their Facebook   and Instagram for detailed menu or pay the visit to their Website.

Their order lines are 051-8355540 / 051-8355565

That’s all for today

Till next time

Much love ♦


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