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Today I am here to review a miracle oil, all natural and organic, if you guys are going through acne, eczema or other skin related issues, this post is for you, scroll to know more about this product!




In their own words,

Lōa represents land, ocean, and air. We chose this name because we have a genuine love for our planet and all living things, and know that nature provides everything needed to sustain life. We stand for honesty and high ethics, and are actively striving to be different from other skin care companies by combining quality with affordability. Our thirst for knowledge motivates us each and every day to pinpoint the most effective skin-enhancing botanicals, so we can continuously evolve our current and future products.

At LŌA, we believe in the power of plants to heal and protect our bodies, and want to get as close to our natural way of living as possible.

We have gathered some of the most potent scientifically-proven botanicals found on Earth to help heal the underlying causes of skin conditions. Our proprietary infusing process allows us to naturally extract the important compounds found in whole plants, and synergize them all together into one working force


*Evening primrose oil, *Safflower oil infused with herbs (*calendula, *comfrey root, *gotu kola, *plantain, *white willow bark, *licorice root, *butcher’s broom, *aloe vera leaf, *spirulina, *camu camu berry), *chia seed oil,  *tamanu oil, **vitamin E, *rosemary antioxidant CO2. Essential oil blend: *tea tree, *frankincense, *helichrysum.* Organic
** Non-GMO

It’s enriched with omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids and cell-regenerating phytonutrients, which have been clinically verified to restore the skin’s moisture barrier and significantly improve acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


When I received this product, it came in a very  good packaging, like the overall packaging how it was fully protected from damage, as it came all the way from Canada to Pakistan. However, my initial reaction to the bottle was not that good.

The oil comes in a glass bottle, with a twisted cap and an inner protection, my initial reaction was not that good because of the cap, as I thought it is gonna be super flowy, but when I opened the cap, I felt relieved, phew this is not messy!

Also, its a medicated oil, hence bottle does somehow looks like the medicine bottle but does that even count when the product is good?

Its 4/5 for the packaging!




The inner protection doesn’t let the product to flow out all at once, just tap the bottle on your palm two or three times, and it is enough for your whole face! or tap once if you want to apply it on a spot only.




The color of this oil is a little lighter than Olive oil, because it contains herbs and other organic substances, it does have a smell, but goes away in a while.




Here to tell you all that I received this product last month and I am pretty pretty late,  but better late than never!

As I stated above, my skin type is combination skin or say combination to oily skin. This product is specifically for those who are fighting with acne, and are done with trying home remedies or their google history is filled with ” How to say good-bye to acne or acne marks?” or for those who in general don’t really care about their eczema but when they look at it, CRIES!

Here to tell you guys that I DON’T HAVE ACNE, luckily, my skin is almost clear, though I do have some marks on my forehead (as this is the only area where I get pimples because of hormonal/cycle changes) ; thank goodness, *no envy please*


So guys, I got this in Ramadan, while we were fasting here in Pakistan, and because of lesser intake of water, my skin was getting dry, this was because of change in our routine, as I don’t have dry skin in general, it sometimes gets dry/patchy from the cheeks and oily from T-zone, not excessively oily!

I used it while I was having dry skin time,simply massaged a meager amount and voila, it did work like wonders on the patchy/dry skin, it sinks in amazingly, leaving soft and smooth surface, and I was amazed that time!


Fortunately or unfortunately, I got pimples on my forehead, as that is the only area where I get pimples, so basically I got a chance to use LOA MIRACLE OIL on pimples and marks as well!

I used a small amount of oil, twice a day for three days, on the first night I observed the size of the pimple was reduced and on the third day it was almost gone, and amazed again!

This is something really amazing and surprising at the same time, this would be a real miraculous product for those who are fighting with Acne or those who have Acne Prone skin, eczema and other skin related issues, read the ingredients, if you are not allergic to any of the above mentioned herbs/oils ; and give it a try.


This is available in 2 ounces and 4 ounces prices at $27.00 CAD and $48.00 CAD (Rs.2,266.53 PKR and Rs.4,029.38 PKR ) respectively.

You can their product from their website

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely YES! go for it in case you are not allergic, where you are looking for remedies for acne, give this one a try , I t might be the last thing you would have to get for your acne, eczema, excessive dryness, wound healing and other skin related issues!

Its 5/5 by my side!

That’s all for today,friends! Do let me know if you girls want me to write a post on my skin care or skin care for beginners?

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Till next time

Much Love ♥



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