Hi sweets!

So I was contacted by  later this evening. They asked me to review their food and I couldn’t say NO! Because once a foodie, always a foodie.


· Coming to the review,

I was served two their signature dishes, ‘The Stuffed Potatoes’ & their ‘Signature Creamy Cheese Spinach Pasta. The Food was hot at the time of arrival and was packed nicely in a foil tray , with a fork.

Coming to the food,



The stuffed potatoes were delicious, the sauce; in which the stuffed potatoes were, was amazing, but a little too salty- it might be OK for you, but we don’t take too much salt (High BP runs in the family). But it came with olives & mushrooms and little pieces of meat- Overall it was Yum.


Its 9/10 from my side ♥


The next dish  is the Creamy Cheese Spinach Pasta, The pasta was boiled well along with Carrots and Spinach, again the sauce was YUM!! If you are the one, who loves everything Veggie, that’s for you my friend. Although a bit salty, maybe because of sauce and mayo etc

But overall it was good, perfect for the lunch!


Its  7/10 from my side ♥

Also if you guys are residing in Islamabad and haven’t tried their dishes out, then what are you even doing?

Give them a call and they will deliver at your doorstep.

Go Ahead! and follow them on Facebook and Islamabad

Thank you for the delicious food!



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored  review, all pictures and opinions stated above are by me.

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