Hi guys! this part was to go live the day after I uploaded the Masarrat Misbah Makeup Series 1/4  but I got sick and this part got postponed so Sorry for that, and finally here it is, better late than never!



Remember those old school days, when everyone used to wear dark kajal and lip glosses to give themselves dramatic look?. I am not a lip gloss fan anymore, but I was so excited to try this one out as this is a HALAL LIP GLOSS so I was actually excited to try out chemical free product, the second thing which made me use it is, its beautiful shade, scroll down to see it your self!



Delivering deep shine, this creamy lip gloss in fun, fashionable shades provides intense luster with hydrating benefits.

In their own words,

“Don’t use lip gloss as a cover; use it because you like sultry shine with a little coverage” Masarrat Misbah


It comes in a 3 inch long tube, with a black cap, nothing is written over the tube  only MM logo is on the cap. I am not impressed by the quality of the packaging this time, it does feel cheap, but the applicators’ quality is so good, it is a bit tilted which makes it super easy to apply.



This is in the shade TANGO, a perfect blend of red and orange, such a summery color. Talking about its formula, it is so creamy and thick which means; one swipe and you are good to go!

Like any other typical lip gloss it can bleed from the sides of your lips so you would have to line your lips for that. It does have a mild taste (I properly ate it) and goes away just in milliseconds , it doesn’t have any fragrance.


It is a lip gloss and it does have that stickiness property if you don’t like the stickiness of the lip glosses, get your self a liquid lipstick! It is long-lasting unless and until you do not eat or drink anything and leaves a nice tint when wears off.


• Price and Availability:

This is priced at PKR 680 , Net wt. 0.42 oz with a shelf life of 24 months (how cool is that?)

You can get this and their other products from their website , the shades on their website are very dark, so it is better to check out the actual swatches before buying.

• Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would, if you are a lip gloss fanatic and if you like wearing bright funky colors, this one is for you.

It is 4/5 from my side!

I hope you guys liked this detailed review, I am so excited for the MM MAKEUP series, are you?

Till next time ,


Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review, all pictures and opinions stated above are by me, after thorough testing, the product may or may not work exactly on your skin, depending on your skin conditions.



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