Hi Everyone!

I am not sure if you guys missed me or not, I do miss writing and reading other blogs but guys I am way too much busy for some months and i will be back to blogging in May, hopefully!

Anyways this review is on the beautiful Hijabs sent to me few weeks back,I don’t wanted this post to be late but this is already late.Well nevermind, better late than never!

Lets get started to know about this brand!

• About Brand :

The idea behind “Pink Hijab Shop” is to provide a single platform for scarves and accessories from across the globe so that you find all your favourite stuff at a single spot.

HEADBANDS are speciality of “Pink Hijab Shop” , They are handmade with unique kind of laces available in my beloved country Pakistan, and made to perfection. Like our scarves our headbands are not only for Hijabis but our Non-Hijabi sisters as well. I am sure you will love wearing them and recreate your Hijabi look.  − Amaya Sadaf

• About Products :

Amaya Sadaf, the girl behind Pink hijab shop was kind enough to send two of the hijabs,one from her casual collection and one from her formal collection, and I must say that both of them are absolutely gorgeous in their own way,

Casual hijab has a soft viscous cloth, airy and soft, which can be wear easily throughout  summer season.I absolutely loved the print and tassels on it!Which one can  wear with any colored dress because it has got like every single color.

Can you see these beautiful coloors?

Formal Hijab is my favorite, I loved the golden lines in the chocolate-brown color, perfect for night-time events, she has got a wide range of head bands she sent one of it to me, This formal hijab and head band compliments each other so well.

Bling Bling
Gorgeous isn’t it?

Oh Snap! How Can I miss the hand written note from Pink Hijab shop! You may have seen it on my Instagram. if not then here goes the boomerang.

I would like to thank Amaya for this sweet gesture, to sending absolutely brilliant pieces to Ramblings Of a Lazy Girl.

You all need to Check out her Facebook Page @Pink Hijab Shop

Her own Instagram @AmayaSadaf  she shares some amazing hijab tutorials from other bloggers and @insta/Pink Hijab Shop

You all need to support local gems from Pakistan, do follow this girl and so some love 🙂

Do pray for my exams

Until next time, Take care ♥


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