Review : Products from Olivia

Hey friends! I guess this is my first review of the year 2017, seems like I am getting lazier day by day. Well I hope you all are having good days of your life.

I received a box full of goodies from Olivia Pakistan and me and my Instagram fam were swooning over them and today I am going to make a review on the products I received.

Before starting a review let me give you the preview of Olivia.


As I said are earlier about OLIVIA SHUKRIA! that every 90s’ kid grew watching their mothers using the products from Olivia, hence no doubt that Olivia is one of the oldest brand yet meeting modern ranges in Pakistan.

the most important factor about Olivia Pakistan goes here:

All Olivia products are now Halal Certified by Bureau Veritas to maintain the highest levels of purity. This means that not only are all our products free from any raw materials that contain animal fats, but also that the highest levels of staff and factory hygiene are maintained at all our production facilities, to conform to the exacting Halal standards.

Olivia is also ISO (9001:2008) certified and have fully equipped R&D and quality control departments. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard encompasses all the areas of business including facilities, people, training, services and equipment. The certification drives increased productivity, customer satisfaction through delivering quality products and consistency in product and service quality.

To ensure truly international standards, all the raw materials used in the preparation of Olivia Cosmetics are packed, sealed and imported from foreign chemical manufacturers like Coda and Henkel.

To be honest, at the present times, we use the products which fascinates us, we need to admit that we don’t think if the certain thing we are using is suitable for us or not?

As mentioned above, Olivia Products are HALAL Certified, Animal Cruelty FREE, 100% Mercury FREE, Hydroquinone FREE and Steroid FREE, along with being ISO Certified.

There are numerous brands selling cosmetics, hair colors, skin care essentials, in Pakistan  but I need to say that so less of them are HALAL CERTIFIED and I am glad Olivia is one of them, selling cruelty free, and Halal products and even pocket friendly too!


· Hand and body lotions:

These fun hand and body lotions are their newly launched items in three flavors :Vanilla , Strawberry and Cocoa Butter! 


You all need to trust me they have as amazing smell as amazing they look,super cute I must say that these are the prettiest lotions I have ever had. The thing I loved most about them is that they don’t look greasy at all, like most of the lotions gives you greasy appearance after washing your hands it feels disgusting to me.But I am glad that they don’t create that stickiness, they are super adorable and travel friendly too! they leaves my skin smooth and heavenly silky, my favorite one is Vanilla though. You all need to get one for these winters, and beat the dryness this year.

What else could we ask for from one of the leading HALAL cosmetics and beauty care products company in Pakistan?

· Olivia Kajal: 

I think this is one of their oldest product and much raved one, I used to be a kajal fanatic in early teenage like every other girl but I haven’t used this product before. So thanks to Olivia for sending this one to me.

This Kajal is mercury free, Hydroquinone FREE, and is ISO certified and Halal like all other products by Olivia. Recently a video was circulating on the social media and news channels about the products and the companies caught by London Trading Standards, as their products were not mercury, steroid and Hyroquinone FREE, and apparently they are selling “poison for profit” I must say that this thing  by Olivia is our local gem and people are loving it and using it since ages. This is amazingly black, pocket friendly, travel friendly and you can still rock your lash lines with this kajal.

· Olivia cleansing milk:

I have used this product before and loved it by me and my mother, it always surprises us like how soft and hydrating skin looks along with removing makeup even the waterproof one. It has the best fragrance ever and leaves my skin super soft, another local HALAL certified gem! Give it a try, you will be amazed!


· Olivia Hair color:

I haven’t tried out this product yet, hence I cannot give you my final verdict.But I need to say that if this is Halal, free from mercury and steroids, animal cruelty free and Hydroquinone FREE it would be worth every penny. However I shall update you guys whenever I will use it.


· Olivia makeup stick:

This thing was much raved about as said by mother and she always wanted to have one, but unfortunately she didn’t .She was happy when we  found it in the package, you can use it as a concealer or a foundation but unfortunately this one is in a pinkish shade and I am pretty pale, I might use it as a blush on. Like all other products this is also Halal , and free from animal cruelty and steroids.


· Olivia Neem and Lemon Facewash:

I haven’t used this face wash before, I totally adore the idea  of how Olivia is using halal and natural products altogetherI loved its refreshing smell and how clean and hydrating my skin looks after using it. This is suitable for all skin type.


· Olivia herbal hair removing cream:

The Olivia herbal hair removing cream contains Aloe Vera, jojoba oil and Vitamin E and comes in a variety of fragrances.This hair removing cream is free from any chemicals and contains all herbal and halal products, so you know what to use,Right?


· Perfumed talcum powder:

I don’t use talcum powder and I have not used this one much but yeah, this is PASSION perfumed, and has a good mild,rose-y fragrance, this is gonna be helpful in summers, I liked its super sleek bottle.


That’s all for today you can shop all these products from your nearest stores as Olivia is widely available.

Your Love and support will always be appreciated.

Thankyou 🙂 ❤

This is a sponsered post, all opinions and pictures are by me.

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