If you live in Pakistan and don’t really know about OLIVIA, then you are not actually 90’s kid!

We 90’s kids are grown up watching our mothers using minimal cosmetics like a kajal,bleach creme and a cleansing milk, that was enough for them! as far as I know Olivia was the only brand providing these makeup essentials for our mothers.

We new generation kids may rely upon new brands of cosmetics but we surely cannot undo the aspect that Olivia, still provides beauty and personal care products with the emphases on quality because they know this is what customers require.

I recently came up to this video of Olivia Shukria on there Facebook page and I totally adore the idea of how they had maintained the idea of social care here and delivering the idea of keeping your self-esteem high!

I am absolutely loving the idea of how Olivia and KreativeSparks(a digital media agency) is making people to believe in their self, help the privileged one and live every moment with love and happiness! Live your life to fullest and let others live!

We all need to welcome new year with good deeds. Help each other, keep your spirit unshaken and praise everyone’s work! this is what Olivia and Kreativesparks meant to deliver!

Lets pray this new year brings joy, love and many happiness in everyone’s lifes , we all need cherish every second of our lives.


Kudos to  KreativeSparks and Olivia for making such a cheering video.

See more from them here .

You can contact Olivia on FACEBOOK | WEBSITE |

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