If you are connected with me on my Instagram you’d know that Sana from Foroohar was kind enough to send me a beautiful hand screen printed scarf ! I have been boomeranging about the scarf and how beautifully it was packed, on Instagram and Facebook, so if you are not there you are probably missing many updates from me over there,  get there ASAP!

So guys,coming back to the point,let me give you a brief overview about this brand!


This is what Sana had to say about her brand :

The vision of Foroohar is driven by the love of colors that brighten up our lives. Women love to wear nice clothes. Foroohar aims to capture this quite literally. We adorn women with the clothes and accessories that offer much more than a look: we synergize color and style to give women the look they desire.

She added,

Every hand painted and hand screen-printed piece is crafted with special care keeping in mind the needs of our clients and the philosophy of bringing to life the colorful, adventurous inner world of our women, which is full of dreams but is not visible to the outer world.

So much love at one place! YOU GOT TO CHECK THEM OUT!



The product she sent to me is named as SILVER SURFER and I totally went gaga over it. I totally adore how beautifully it was packed and how amazingly Sana chooses the color combination and it came with a hand written note A.K.A my favorite thing!





So basically the scarf sent to me is in Tye and dye in Silver and Sea greenish color,hand screen painted with beautiful silver print on silk clothe! Oh and how could I miss pearly lace at the sides, these pearls are all lifting up the beauty of this scarf!


hand written note

I believe this piece could go with any plain suit, like any white or off-white colored dress you could rock this on any formal parties, birthdays or even for a family night out, pearly laced hand screen painted dupatta can go everywhere!


beautiful color combination and print


silver pearly lace

Foroohar deals with Formal wear,casual wear, accessories and pocket squares for your men! If you want to have scarfs of your desired length and width they could make it too which means they take customized orders too!



Sana, Thank you for this sweet gesture, to let me check out one of your piece from your Luxury collection!

Contact Foroohar :

If you want to purchase any item from them you can contact them on Facebook and Instagram or drop your details at:

That’s all for today ♥ will be back with another post!

Till next time bye!

*This is a sponsored post and all views on the product(s) and pictures are by me !

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