Hello everyone first of all i am so sorry for posting some thing pretty late.So today I am going to make a review on everyone’s (or atleast mine) favorite MAYBELLINE NEWYORK’s GREAT LASH MASCARA.


sorry for such a messy picture.

I think this is one of the most controversial mascara many MUA’s uses it many you-tubers loves it but at the same time some people thinks that this is product is over-rated(because everyone have its own point of view),and I came to read that this is American’s favorite AWARD WINNER MASCARA!what do you guys say about it?

•Why I like it?

  1. okay so FIRST of all,this mascara is WATERPROOF one and i am pretty sure most of us loves waterproof mascara’s because not only they can help to avoid raccoon eyes but can also curls stubbornly straight lashes!haha
  2. The other thing i like about this one is that it is pretty good black (the one I uses is known as blackest black)and is perfect for everyday use.

•About mascara wand!

Mascara wand is perfect for those with average to short lashes as it is not that big and it could really get down to the base of the lashes.Talking about long lashes it could mess up on the lids but if you are good at handling such things this can be your go to thing as well.

…The other thing is that it builds up volume and lash length perfectly likewise if you want much of volume and dark eyes just apply 2-3 coats of the mascara and your eyes will look dark and long from few feets away .

Talking about the bottom lashes it works good for them too as the mascara wand isn’t too long and it does perform a good job in lengthening and separating the bottom lashes.


mascara wand and its majestic look.

Plus point for this mascara for me is that I didn’t feel my lashes weighed and it holds up a curl pretty well *Thanks to God*


  • Dark pigmented.
  • Works good on top and bottom lashes.
  • I didn’t experienced any flaking or smudging.
  • Waterproof.
  • Handy and Affordable.


  • If you’re prone to smudging you will obviously experience it.
  • It might be a bit awkward for longer lashes.
  • It dries quickly so you can’t achieve a longer and good curl only in one coat.

that’s all!

I don’t exactly remember its price but it was like something in between PKR 400-500 




Well I am short of ideas these days if any of you sweethearts have any ideas for me to make a good blog-post make sure to tell me in the comments section.If you guys have used this product do tell me your experience with it cuz I love to hear from you.





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