Hey there folks.I hope you guys are having good days of your lives!

So,in this post I’m going to review “MAYBELLINE NEWYORK’S COLOSSAL KAJAL in EXTRA BLACK” if you want to know more scroll down peeps 


*taken from internet

⇒ FIRST of all,you guys know what?I was actually lucky enough to get a real one colossal kajal extra black I am saying this because there are so many copies or you can say replicas of Maybellines’ kajal’s in market which are obviously not same in appearance and in quality.


*taken from internet

so, I’m going to tell you the difference between REAL and FAKE ones but at the end of this post (better keep scrolling!) *winks*

OKAY,so starting now,the kajal remains for UPTO 12 HOURS (as said by the company). Frankly speaking I haven’t tried this product for these much hours as I don’t wear makeup stuff for such long time,but it actually turned out GOOD for like 6-7 hours!

⇒ SECONDLY,this kohl/kajal is smudge proof and is resistant to sweat (as said by the company) what I says is GIRLS YES IT IS ! this is so good for these damn hot SUMMERS.

⇒ THIRD THING is that it is easily remove-able *yessss* and it dries quickly too .


maybelline colossal kajal.look at the tip!

What Impressed me?

Well,I bought this for the very first time and I’m personally impressed by its CREAMY TEXTURE(it is creamy gel actually and it slides smoooooothly) deep black pigments*i know everyone loves it* and its resistance to sweat in these hot summers . and I got this for PKR 350/-

•How to differentiate b/w REAL and FAKE one?

  1. SEE THE CAP: the major difference between real and replica one is prominent on the cap the caps.The real one have a DENT on it and the fake one have a plane cap.


  1. SEE FOR THE NUMBERS BELOW: if you look closely on the bottom of the product you will see some numbers,what I think is this thing basically shows the authentication of the product.


Overall it was a good experience with this product.Such a good addition in my make up bag.


thankyou so very much for stopping by.Much love for all.WAIT!I guess I posted something after a long time SORRY and don’t forget to show your love on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK


disclaimer:not all pics are by me and this is not a paid post.



  1. Redhead says:

    nice texture and doesn’t smudge? Sign me up! finding something that glides on super dark black and *stays* has been a challenge for me. So nice to learn about something that actually works!

    Liked by 1 person

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