henna designs you should try this chand raat

Eid in Pakistan is incomplete without a festive chaand raat and chaand raat for women is incomplete without a good solid dose of henna/mehndi

So here goes some fine henna designs and I hope you would try this out them on Eid!

1. Less is always more and this beautiful minimalist pattern is proof enough.


2.Try out this traditional  pattern and you won’t be disappointed with the results.


3. Try out this geometric pattern with sharp lines and prominent edges, a feast for the eyes with it’s perfect red color.


4. You can also go for this design which will accentuate any accessory that you wear.


5. Just like this tattoo which is chic yet traditional.

6. Now, white Henna is a thing too

Like this vision in white which would be set off perfectly with a good manicure and bold nail shade.



7. And you can now experiment with the supremely gorgeous golden henna color, as well.


8. Ah the joys of being a girl, this golden henna look is GORGEOUS.


9. And it would look lovely with this beautiful net pattern at the back of your hand.

10. Or try your hand at the matte black henna, with a simple design that even your 12 year-old cousin could easily reproduce.


So try these henna designs and have a blessed EID ♥

Eid Mubarak from RAMBLINGS OF A LAZY GIRL to everyone around the globe 🙂

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Till next times *waves*


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