30 days of Ramblings Of a Lazy Girl

Hello everyone , I hope you guys are as happy as I am today because this date 01/07/16 is marking 30 days of RAMBLINGS OF A LAZY GIRL.


After starting RAMBLINGS OF A LAZY GIRL , I started diary writing which I haven’t done in past 16 years of my life.

I love to buy diaries in my childhood (who doesn’t?) but they end up being into pieces,lol!(I know this embarrassing!)SO blog writing lets me write a diary first and then I upload my work here.Seems like I am getting good habits too hahaha!

SECOND thing which I learned from blog writing is that YOU should be organized in your life..which I was never and seriously I am trying to be You have to give proper time to your family,your friends,your college work (I mean mine), and ofcourse your blog.

THIRD thing is that by creating your blog/website , you bounds with the people around you,you see everyone’s interests and opinions on one thing and you actually make so many good friends around the globe AND THIS THING FASCINATED ME MORE!!!

Well FOURTH thing is that blog writing has ended my boredom.(thank God)


When I started RAMBLINGS OF A LAZY GIRL,I made an account for it on INSTAGRAM and a page on FACEBOOK too.

Talking from INSTAGRAM,I have a pretty good number of followers there,like 60 in a month are pretty enough for me atleast! I love to upload my stuff there and love it when you people appreciate it ♥ ♥ ♥


FACEBOOK wasn’t nice enough to me in this month because, I literally have zero likes out there ,YES ZERO!I think this is because I haven’t told my Facebook

friends yet about my blog because I’m kinda nervous lol and I don’t know why the heck!(if you people have some time make sure to like it here)

Here on WORDPRESS I have an appreciative number of follows,likes etc and I seriously love you guys,thankyou so much for giving some time to my posts♥♥

last thing or you can say sort of achievement is that I got the mail from MYTRENDINGSTORIES.COM (sshh Iqra!!!),I will post on this later on..

so putting it in a nutshell I am going pretty good in this blogging world and at last I would like to do a BIG FAT THANK YOU to you guys xoxoxox

Stay tuned for more…BYE till next time ♥

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5 thoughts on “30 days of Ramblings Of a Lazy Girl

  1. Anam Shaikh says:

    We are reallyyyyy similar. I buy diaries to decorate the house with, they’re too pretty to be written in.
    P.S: Am I supposed to be hating you since we’re from countries which hate each other? Is that how I become patriotic?

    Liked by 2 people

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